The Sprawl

The Sprawl is the slum of Goldshore. Non-casters primarily live her, though some middle class bards, paladins, and clerics live there too. Druids of the Shore tend to prefer to live in The Sprawl as well because of its proximity to the sea, despite their magical status. Many races live in Goldshore and The Sprawl is the most diverse section of the city, though it can be difficult to find magic-prone races such as Tieflings and High Elves.

The houses in The Sprawl are generally dangerous to live in, ramshackle metal and scrap wood abodes that lean against each other. Fires are common here. Those who know The Sprawl well can traverse it’s many nooks, pipes, hidden passages, rooftop venues, and jutting structures with extreme speed, making it a prime area for thieves and other criminals. The Sprawl is largely unpoliced by Guardwall. Instead, gangs such as the Kraken’s Beak serve as enforcers of their own law in their territories. Gang lords serve as lords and many of which are actual lords of Goldshore.

Food can be scarce, but it is diverse and sometimes wonderful. It’s always a health risk though. Those who leave always seem to crave what they found in The Sprawl at one point or another.

There are many craftsman in The Sprawl, along with fishers, sailors, and other dockworkers, artists, laborers, thugs, merchants, and assistants to those in higher classes such as those in Main Square and Virtue District, from which it is separated by Harmony Wall. The Sprawl is also directly joining Karosh Docks.

The Sprawl

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