The Candle

This group together holds almost all power in Goldshore. Together, they hold the infrastructure of the city. They also serve in relations outside the city. The vast majority of their actions are visible to the public. Their tower Goldspire is a beacon on the landscape, promising artistic wonders.

Each member is famous within Goldshore, holding both masterful magical prowess and renowned artistic fame. All are known well. Members of the candle serve until death, or very rarely impeachment. At the opening of a position, the 22 lords of Goldshore vote for the next council member.

Coro, a jolly and kind hearted old musician.

Juri, an uptight though passionate actor.

Armello, the quiet and judicious, ambitious young writer.

Felicity, a universally-adored painter with a strong heart.

Kel, an odd, prophetic sculptor.

Asher, the spiritual leader of Goldshore and fashionista.

The Candle

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