Juri is the Ward
Changeling Female. The Candle

Juri serves to protect. She believes in order more than almost anything else. In her duty, she directs all of Guardwall and often leads the most elite strike squad. Her abilities are unrivaled and if she wanted, she could have made herself the greatest assassin The Sprawl had ever seen. She met Armello at an early age and the two took quickly as a powerful duo. While she is uptight and extraordinarily intimidating, Juri is passionate about keeping order in Goldshore and is not without other passions.

Dramatic Visionary
Juri can achieve any role in the theater, regardless of background, race, gender. She is the greatest actor to come from Bright Stage and has transformed it through her life. Today, Bright Stage is a cut-throat competition to the top in order to maintain stage time and the patronage of Juri and Armello. She occasionally takes to the stage as a surprise, but is always participating in some new show.

Master Illusionist
Juri will make you believe what she wants. Her abilities only greater serve her in her assassin-like battle strategy. Additionally she serves as Goldshore’s ultimate spy.


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