Half-orc Female.

Hevera was prophecized by Kel to one day save the world from an army of dire evil. She’s pretty intimidated by this. It’s a lot of pressure. There are statues erected of feats Hevera hasn’t yet performed. Additionally, just about everyone in Goldshore knows who she is. Children learn about Hevera in school, and for those in The Sprawl who do manage to get an education are often inspired by Hevera, who was born in The Sprawl herself. Many children ask her to play games with them or give her small trinkets.

Hevera is a rambunctious youth, though unsure of herself. She’s been somewhat sheltered by The Candle, but also given top-notch training. She hold no magical prowess, but she can fight like no other with multiple weapons. For symbolic weapons, she’s often given a sword and shield but she prefers Kata or Pikes, depending on the drill. She’s never seen real combat.

Hevera resides with her mother, an Orc named Vesta, and they live very comfortably but without coin wealth. Hevera’s father Edmun is said to have died at sea after his ship was attacked by raiders leading a massive sea creature.


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