Goldshore is a coastal city that produces fine and crafted items, enchantments or magical items(Residuum), clothing, crafts, drugs, and fish. Those in Goldshore with magical prowess are gifted too with political import and mild fame. Sometimes more desirable though often hand-in-hand is artistic ability of which Goldshore is most famed. The greatest artists flock to Goldshore’s Bright Stage.

Goldshore is governed by a Mage Council called The Candle, whom everyone in Goldshire knows well, as they are like celebrities. Every time a new spot in the council opens, apart from the mourning, a mad scramble for the council membership begins between the minor lords of Goldshore.

Hevera is a rambunctious young woman who was divined by Kel to be a future savior of the world as we know it. You and her have known each other for a long time and are considering where to go next.

Goldshore features a Main Square, Bright Stage, Virtue District, The Sprawl, Karosh Docks, Karosh Caves, The Millenia, Guardwall, Harmony Wall, and Goldspire.


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