Coro is the Patron of Orphans.
Air Genasi Male. The Candle

Coro is the most jolly and inviting of all Goldshore, though he was raised in Whitefield. He has adopted many of the orphans of Goldshore, taking them as family, apprentices, and assistants in his work. He treats them exceptionally well while providing them with the strong leadership to grow into some of Goldshore’s brightest, most hard-working individuals. Armello is one such son of Coro.

Musical Visionary.
Coro plays many instruments but favors the Seahorn, an enormous stone horn that utilizes water inside to emulate the sounds of sea creatures. Many of Coro’s children play in accompaniment or highlighted over Coro in performance.

Master Conjurer.
When possible, Coro ventures to the needy and provides healing or small conjured items to aid those who are often overlooked. Additionally, he has incredible summoning prowess, rarely seen these days.


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