Felicity is the Eternity Scribe
Human Female. The Candle

Felicity records much of the history of Goldshore and the surrounding area and in this way, manages half of the library The Millenia. Felicity is dedicated to educating the masses of Goldshire and seeks to keep all information open. She knows the name of every resident they say, and none have proved it false. She amongst the other council members has the most sympathy for those living in The Sprawl. In this way, she is often at ends with Asher. Felicity is perhaps the kindest heart of Goldshore and many love her as a mother.

Painting Visionary
Felicity can be seen at almost any hour, painting the walls of Goldshore with murals that depict its history. While doing this, she’s happy to teach others both how to paint and what the mural’s depiction means. She also always bring bread and fruit with her for those who need it. Her favorite place to paint is Harmony Wall, a place she wants torn down. She keeps many non-caster apprentices.

Master Enchanter
Felicity’s brushes are said to never run dry, an enchantment of her own creation. Felicity has crafted some of the finest magical items ever to come from Goldshore. Some of which are so closely protected they serve as relics, legends, and myths. She hardly takes power of the minds of others, so she says, but she is said to have been a deadly duelist at rare points in her life. Her enchantments are stuff of nightmares.


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