Armello is the City Regent.
High Elf Male. The Candle

Armello was raised by Coro. Many say he was destined to take leadership in Goldshore and they were correct. Today, Armello acts to create laws and taxes to better manage the city. Additionally, Armello dispatches and organizes a team of inspectors/collectors that enforce such policies outside of physical force. Armello also manages most foreign relations and is likely the reason for relative peace with other cities. Armello is ordinarily reserved but is known for his emotional moments and occasional infatuations.

Literary Visionary
Armello is not only Goldshore’s most renowned playwright, but also a wonderful poet, often surprising even his biggest fans on the remote occasions he chooses to perform. Armello works closely with Juri both to enforce policy, but also in creating an intense competitive environment surrounding the Bright Stage.

Master Evoker
Armello though young, is training Goldshore’s elite magi as a means of protection from other cities that hope to untie much of the continent. Armello’s power aloen is a strong deterrent from attack. He very rarely unleashes a big storm, but rather chooses to guide direct lightning or precise and dancing meteors.


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