One of The Candle of Goldshore. Archishop of Tyr and Justicar.


Asher is the Justicar.
Tiefling Male. The Candle

Asher serves as head of Goldshore‘s judicial system. He is often at strict odds with the policing gangs of The Sprawl. Asher believes that the systems of Goldshore are necessary to it’s safety and growth, which sometimes puts him at disagreement with Felicity. In his position as Justicar, Asher works closely with Armello, who develops laws, and Juri, who enforces them.

Tailoring Visionary
Asher is the leader of fashion in Goldshore, and his work is work only by the wealthiest and most influential people in Goldshore. Some of the finer works are safely exported to nobles within other cities.

Master Cleric
Asher is an Archbishop of Tyr, god of justice. Asher is seen as the spiritual leader of Goldshore, even though many other gods are followed, especially Karosh. Still, he pushes good practices, that limit cultist influence and promote freedom in belief, unlike surrounding cities, leading to the attraction of refugees. Asher is seen in every one of Goldshore’s battles, able to hold Goldshore’s army from death, almost single-handedly and is one of the greatest reasons why Goldshore has seen no militaristic threat in five years. Asher is also known for consecrating the dead.


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